Why yongshin dating rumor cant stop analistyc bluemoon

sigeme en mi gmail para cualquier pregunta de dramas 10/ in cnblue's concerts yonghwa still tells his fans before singing YFFM "do yo know heartsrings" ?? I would like to put proper credits to the owner of the videos, photos and the song. Park shin hye even went to sue dispatche for releasing pics that weren't taken at the same time etc...if you look well you can see that it is Yonghwa'd car 💗pls like my video and leave a comment !!!!

si quieres saber mas curiosidades de cprea me puden seguir en : todos como oppas doramas y mas instamgram:--------https:// twitter----------------https://twitter.com/123_janelly snapchat-------------janelyboice google plus-----------https://plus.google.com/u/0/ oppasdor... GRACIAS POR VER EL VIDEO BESITOS ****************** SI QUIEREN ALl GUN VIDEO EN ESPECIAL SOLO ESCRIBANLO ABAJITO can't hide the fact that he's so shy :p HUGE CRUSH MABY :p MY YONGSHIN PLAYLIST Nk1n SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Yongshin ( Jung Yong Hwa & Park Shin Hye ) Facts : 1/ Shinhye was the first one (celebrity) to listen to cnblue unreleased song on 18 february 2014 on her birth date, and CNBLUE's official Facebook page shared the reaction link :) (Eng sub) Park Shin Hye reaction to "can't stop" 2/ In radio star MBC Golden Star () yonghwa confirmed that shinhye often attends their concert ,and in Blue Moon concert world tour day 1 yonghwa's mom was sitting next to shinhye in front :) there was rumors that shinhye was sitting next to yonghwa's Mum wearing a cap (boices saw her ) then anti-fans said it's not true but Yonghwa in radio star confirm it :p lol (in 12-04-26 Baek Sang Arts Awards fans saw yonghwa and shinhye holding hands backstage guess then it's true !! ---------- I always did know that there was something fishy between these 2 ...

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