Ludachris dating

His current girlfriend Eudoxie was not spotted until the ‘Goodies’ star was out of town.

A source told the site: “Ciara asked that Luda NOT bring [Eudoxie] to [club] Opera. Of course, they left together too.” Luda and Ci Ci were also out the next morning to pose for pictures which have been posted online.

He added: "What's in the past is history, what's in the future is a mystery." PHOTOS: A-list honeymoon destinations This will be the first marriage for Ludacris.

And all you other politicians trying to hate on my man, watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man You can't stop what's bout to happen, we bout to make history The first black president is destined and it's meant to be The threats ain't fazing us, the nooses or the jokes So get off your ass, black people, it's time to get out and vote!

Ludacris popped the question to his girlfriend Eudoxie on Friday, Dec. PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings in 2014 "She didn't say yes. #milehighproposal," the rapper, 37, captioned a photo collage of the proposal via Instagram.

PHOTOS: Best celeb couples this year The actor [real name: Christopher Brian Bridges] waited until the couple were in the air to get down on bended knee.

"The world is ready for change 'cause Obama is here," he says repeatedly.

Mr Obama met Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, in 2006 to discuss empowering young Americans. Lyrics of Politics As Usual I'm back on it like I just signed my record deal Yeah the best is here, the Bentley Coup paint is dripping wet, it got sex appeal Never should have hated You never should've doubted him With a slot in the president's i Pod Obama shattered 'em Said I handled his biz and I'm one of his favorite rappers Well give Luda a special pardon if I'm ever in the slammer Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president Hillary hated on you, so that b**** is irrelevant Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?

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