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To find out more and to watch the first season, check out HTML and text sizes are used in the main page of the graph. Your site is on 173.2 IP server and working speed , close to the average with a 1766 ms cases.- HTML size is 20KB, compressed HTML and Text Size are 19KB and 6KB.That trend obscures a lower-budget but more creatively diverse tier of free online content available from a wider range of sources either on You Tube or other Internet portals.They run the gamut from amateur creators you may have never heard of (yet) to more professionally slick properties from outfits that may become the big media companies of tomorrow.You can also follow the show on Twitter (@datingwebseries) and Facebook.

Paranormal investigators Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci struggle to do their jobs as amateurs, but their witty dynamic has attracted more mainstream audiences like the staff of Gawker-owned Jezebel.

2013 may well be remembered as the year that the Internet established itself as a bona fide alternative to TV for original programming.

But what Netflix, Amazon and Hulu accomplished isn’t really fundamentally different than TV in terms of production economics or even creative sensibility; the subscription VOD model is just the same old wine poured from newer (IP-delivered) bottles.

This has left the entertainment industry to take chances elsewhere and expand their opportunities.

Web series seem to be the new platform for creative minds to play and entertain.

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