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Yesterday, Wenzhou city Lucheng District People's court pronounced the verdict occurred in minor cases of bullying outside: see the other is unhappy, slapped, kicked, and forced stripped shirt dancing naked, also shoot video upload We Chat group.The 8 defendants: Jian, Xu, Wang Jia, Chen Jia, Lou, Shimou, Panmou, Wang Yi.If you meet a girl in China between the ages of 18-30 and she has a smartphone, she has We Chat and/or QQ.

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Minor bullying incidents, not only occurred in the campus, but also common in the campus.

What is exciting, is that We Chat has a set of tools built in it that are meant to enable you to meet new people, the most important of them being one based on Geolocation.

Using the right techniques, this little piece of software, and that specific feature can completely change your game while in China, so stay tuned.

At 1 a.m., they see Xiaojuan dancing with the bar (a pseudonym, female, 17 years old) is not pleasing to the eye, Xiaojuan hugged her boyfriend Xu on the grounds, Xiaojuan will pull to the side of the bar at the entrance stairs, Xiaojuan turns slapped, kicked kick, and forced Xiaojuan to strip off the coat, let her naked. Naked recluse living alone in the mountains 20 years after death In the meantime, Jian et al also photographed Xiaojuan was playing video and nude dancing video, and upload it to their formation of We Chat group.

Xiaojuan was beaten and insulted, and continued for more than 1 hours before and after.

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